Wobble n Focus T-Stool

  • Does your child fidget and wriggle? Wobbling on the Wobble n Focus increases blood to the brain and helps calm fidgety children and allows them to focus.
  • This T Stool is designed to help your child learn better. It engages their “core system” so the body is working together and their restlessness diminishes enabling your child to have a strong core body.
  • Wobble n Focus is a concept similar to an exercise ball. As your child moves on the Balance Stool their brain receives stimulus and feedback and turns sedentary activities at the table, into movement and action. Your busy child can now focus and work while seated at the desk or table!
  • 9.45 inches high. Perfect for under 7 years.
  • Great for children with ADHD, Autism, Sensory Needs and generally active kids!

We know children don’t like to sit still and struggle to focus while working. The Wobble n Focus allows your child to feed their sensory needs with movement. This is designed to gently move with your child’s natural movements – they will support their core system while they wiggle on their stool! An ordinary chair forces your child into a static, unnatural position, which allows your child’s posture to slump. Rest assured that this Balance Stool helps your child to get their fiddles and wriggles out whilst exercising and support their back muscles for great posture and strength.

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