Peas in a Pod - 3 Pods

Some children need to keep their hands busy to calm their mind. This set of 3 Peas in a Pod is just the thing for your child to fidget with. It is not too big and bulky and it makes no noise – so it is perfect for classroom use. 

Peas in a Pod is easy to use and extremely satisfying for your sensory needs. It also helps decrease stress and anxiety levels when using it, which will help you relax, focus, and stay calm.

Simply press on the pea pod just as you would a real pod, and a little pea pops right out. It slips back into the pod when you let go. We have also included a pair of peek-a-boo eyes on the middle pea for when you squeeze it out.
Peas in a Pod is a helpful tool for people with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Aspergers, Hyperactivity, ODD, nail biters, OCD, Panic Attacks and kids who can’t sit still or stay focused in the classroom.

Peas in a Pod is great for using in the classroom:

  • Quiet and small - it can fit in your child’s pocket.
  • Increases focus and concentration by diverting attention.
  • Helps strengthen hands and warm up fingers for help with handwriting.
  • A great therapy tool to develop fine motor skills.
  • Keeps fingers busy and stay focused on your work task.
  • Reduces meltdowns and sensory overload by regulating the sensory system.
  • Increases tactile awareness of fingers and hands with proprioceptive input.
  • An acceptable form of stimming.

Lightweight and durable.

Comes with three Peas in a Pod two for you and one for a friend.

WARNING- Contains small parts

Use with Adult Supervision 

Not Suitable for children under 5 developmentally

Not suitable for chewing  

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