Our Story

Hello and Welcome!
There is probably a good reason you have found How To Help My Child - you're here because you want to help your child. This might be with a diagnosis or disorder, a learning need, a behavior or a skill and you want to learn some real techniques that will work and help you with this problem. You will find information and resources that you can use to help turn around that problem - right away.

I am a Mom to 3 boys - Samuel, Timothy and Nicholas. All three have had learning and special needs. As I researched and found strategies and solutions to help my family, I realized what a lonely and overwhelming journey this was.

My little boys have become big boys and are now 19, 17 and 13. Life has changed so much with the early intervention and techniques I have used. They are fine young men whom I am very proud of.

How To Help My Child was born from my desire to help and encourage other families, with a positive journey forward. We aim to provide you with honest, effective practical advice and resources that you can try straight away to help bring out the best in your amazing children.

How To Help My Child is a judgement-free zone. It is safe to share and ask questions.
Every child and family is UNIQUE! There is often no right or wrong way. We know that as parents you are critical to your child’s development as active participants in their learning.

With the right tools and strategies, all parents and educators can help their child to achieve happiness, success and fulfilment.

It is a blessing to journey with you.